New Album

Journey of a Girl Watcher



The O'Kaysions,a group known for its hit "Girl Watcher," takes a musical trek - exploring universal thoughts and experiencing the emotions of life as they continue to pursue their favorite pastime.



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  1. Little Miss FlirtListen!
  2. Lonely BeachcomberListen!
  3. Make Me YoursListen!
  4. My Heart Won't CrackListen!
  5. Love Trip
  6. Midnight Train to Georgia
  7. Why I'm Still Here
  8. Gypsy
  9. I've Found Someone of my Own
  10. Now That I'm Yours
  11. Freedom Lady

You can find us here:

The O'Kaysions
P.O. Box 23213

Cola, SC 29224


(803) 513-6753



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